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Sentor - Miroslaw Maziarz

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Mirek is a skilled engineer with much patience and strong problem solving skills. I enjoyed working with him and would certainly do so in the future. Actually, I'm planning on it, as soon as the project warrants it.

Mark Tullis

Crezeo President

Mirek proved once again that he is a talented and very reliable developer. I thank him again for all the great work.

CIO Antoine Leclercq

E-spark Learning

Thanks, Miroslaw, for all the great work.

Peter Schuh

Guidance Gurus

Mirek is a talented engineer and valuable resource to our development team. We will continue to work with him in the future and would recommend him to anyone looking to hire a qualified engineer...

CIO Michael Beattie


Our project manager was extremely happy with Mirek's code. He met deadlines, made himself available whenever we needed to reach him, and has been extremely helpful.

Andres Lucero